Promotions? What are those.
Every title I have gained has been out of necessity of needing someone to work on stack "X".

It usually goes something like:

Dev: I quit

Management: oh shit, we need another dev 🤔oh @C0D4 can do it until we find a replacement.

@C0D4: fuck, I don't know anything about this stack.

Management: we didn't find a replacement, this thing is yours now, here's a pay bump for your efforts.

@C0D4: I swear they'll regret all these projects being managed by a single dev 1 day.

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    Hey, they gave you a pay rise for it at least - that's more than most would do!
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    The usual firefighter position. Same here.

    Sometimes it's frustrating to always do things you don't know anything about it, but it's diversified and doesn't become boring.

    And @Irene is right, the bus factor is horrible. But who cares, it's not your decision.
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    @irene its no longer a bus, a ship would be closer.

    @AlmondSauce true that. But when one of those bus's is a bit more specialised they kind of needed to bend a bit.

    @ddephor I've made sure they are aware of the bus issue, but they don't seem to be bothered... *touches wood*
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    As one smart man once told: "Senior in front of job title saves me 20% of employee salary". As sad it is - he is right - we are often driven by prestige and most of us will comply. If you look around there us bunch of "managers, seniors, vice presidents" etc who are complete idiots earning a lot less than you would expect.
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    Back in Brazil, I hardly got an email thanking me. Now in The Netherlands, they buy me a cake every time - which is good. ;)
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    You might want to get sick for a few weeks :) that might speed up the search for all those replacements
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    @irene it's too late. However, my new employee gives me allowance for gym and health programs :)
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    @netikras That doesn't help.

    Every time I go on vacation, I think someone may deal with the urgent tasks and the sudden issues.

    Then I come back and all I see are mails stating that some issue has to wait until I'm back.

    And it's not that no one could do the job, all others are just to busy to familiarize with the situation, so it wouldn't be faster anyway.
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    I was a basic support engineer (our only one) until they needed me for a new project. Since then I've been the Lead Data Engineer on both big projects that I've worked on. But that's only been because Ive been the ONLY Data Engineer on both projects.

    Title by default is the best way to get it
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