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    From: Boss
    Subject: Make love not meetings!

    Dear employees
    Today I've implemented a new policy regarding the use of our meeting rooms. As of today we'll call them Love Rooms. Please feel free to practice love in them during our new 30min Love Break. I orderd our facility management to install lubricant and condom dispensers in our Love Rooms. And currently our executive board is evaluating several love swings and love friendly furniture.
    Happy work and happy loving!
    Best Regards
    Your Boss
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    @heyheni well, my post was actually inspired by a mega meeting I had with a mega boss.
    He said literally: "there is not enough love in this company"
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    @heyheni is 30min the minimum of the maximum?
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    @electrineer well you know, meetings always tends to last longer than planned
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    Oh shit! I misread the weeks rant topic. It's "productive" and not "reproductive" 😬
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    @deviloper Love is good for synergy and ROI, so we definitely want that.
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    This idea sounds reasonable until you meet the people I have to work with.
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    @platypus maybe you see them like that because you never had a Love Meeting with them
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    @rutee07 yes the projector it's like most of people in the room, turned on
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    double penetration meeting
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    Is this Devrant or Reddit? 🤔
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    @rutee07 i was expecting u
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    @rutee07 what did u dream about me
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    @rutee07 shut up
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