So the other day, an old acquaintance asks me (a noob full stack dev) for advice on what programming langs to languages to learn.

I (like all other noobs eager to help) asked him about his previous programming skills, if any. He says "Yes yes, I did a course on HTML and CSS." To this I ask, what exactly are you looking to do. Back-end development he says.

I am frustrated with people asking me what to learn and how to learn when they are not even willing to do slightest of the work themselves. I am usually very helpful to people, but as a programmer, I would certainly try to do a complete research before I go around asking others.

What do you guys do? How do you handle such questions.

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    I introduce them to there search bar and walk away.

    I have no issue with giving advice and help, but the person receiving it should have done some of the groundwork prior.
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    Welcome to devRant :)

    I usually try to lead them on the right track by telling them what to look for on the internet. This way they learn that they need to do research for themselves. If they did research (because I can see they have the basic knowledge) and ask actual questions I am willing to help.
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    @b3b3 fair enough. Did you ever get that look of disappointment and disgrace when they find out that there's no one book or course that will turn them from beginners to hardcore devs in a month. Month is like maximum.

    Once I even suggested the 3-hour YouTube videos to one guy. He insisted on quick. Most probably they don't even visit half the links.
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