And then suddenly our website loses all its icons, Slack chat errupts in panic and then we figure out that fontawesome itself has gone offline

What a wonderful world we live in

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    And they say "why host those statics when we can add ref to original source..."
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    @jOkEr-jAsE Jase, why do you look so much like me now? 🤔
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    @Frederick why have I been struggling with my identity when I was Jase all along? 😂
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    Aren't we all Jase at some point in our lives?
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    @Frederick I'm more confused now than ever before 😂 what am I becoming?
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    "Use a CDN - it's more likely to be up than your site and edge caching will make it faster for your users".

    GTFO - If my site is down then there is no need for static assets, and if its up then my users are going to have whatever latency to load the main page so they can have that for the assets as well
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