My first thought was "it can't be so hard to build a AI who simulate emotions "

So i started studying the Human brain .... well it's fu**ing complicated, but also interesting af

Still hope i can develop a little robot who have emotions like happiness, sadness or anger

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    @NoMad These are my favorite responses.
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    @NoMad ❤😊
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    That's very interesting topic and something that's quite often in back of my head and running. I'll also go to a drawing board with it, but probably not before I'm old and gray..

    In my oppinion, the biggest problem here comes with paradoxes, something we as humans are shine at. For example, we can love someone but still hate their actions, can consider killing in general is wrong but still kill if given enough reason, smile and be happy while at all time low in life, drink even though we know we're basically poisioning our body, etc..

    The best I've come to solving this problem is just introduce bunch of rand() on some key variables (with their min/max seed range changing based on our prior life choices)..
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    📌 I like where this is going.
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    Thank for your writting. You have made it very clear that the problem is happening. I really like your way of thinking http://returnman3game.net
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    1 sec. what about mondays???
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    And bored? cranky? that feeling you get after solving a difficult bug?
    "writing code that works on the first try, with no bugs" feeling?
    "I need coffee, or I start killimg ppl"?
    That is impossible outside a terry pratchett story....
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