Does anyone have a favorite DNS service they use for their general home / mobile traffic?

For instance: AdGuard, OpenDNS, FreeDNS, Fool, Quad9 etc..

Considering speed, and privacy here.

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    I just use the DNS service provided by domain registrar (Namecheap) since they provide it for no extra cost.

    Never had a problem with speed, and as for privacy - they have whois guard but of course like any American company they will happily hand over your details if law enforcement comes knocking
  • 3 (cloudflare) -> PiHole on VPS
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    For mobile traffic I use AdGuard (mainly because the adblocking features).

    For my home traffic I'm using DNSCrypt (with no log/no filter/DNSSEC options enabled) with Quad9 as a fallback option.
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    ISP. It is usually faster (for me) and it get the data anyway. Additionally it has to follow stricter privacy laws than other DNS servers.
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    @sbiewald you're kidding, right? So many ISPs have been shown to (often illegally) collect and resell dns and traffic data to other companies, even non-anonymized datasets.
    Of all the DNS servers you could use, the ISP's is the worst choice
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    I am definitely untrusting of X-Finicky's lying and thieving.
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    I'm trying out nextdns. Sort of a cloud-based PiHole.
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    @endor My point is: The German TMG affecting ISPs is far stricter then the GDPR - and in the worst case they can just sniff my traffic to get my data anyway.
    Selling my DNS data or selling my analyzed traffic would be illegal in either case and both is doable for them.
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