I'm seeing a lot of people on here using the word "triggered" as funny word for "slightly annoyed".

It's not. It's a serious word for a serious problem: post traumatic stress disorder. People can suffer PTSD as a result of abuse, disaster, military combat, or any other stressful event.

Putting "lol triggered" in a post about how you find PHP annoying or whatever just cheapens the word and is disrespectful to all the people for whom it's a very real thing.

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    Yes, you might feel like some people have overused it in a serious context too. That doesn't change anything.
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    @Letmecode PTSD is very very very real.
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    Do people really post stuff like that? I honestly can't say I've come across it at all. But yeah, I doubt they even really know what they are saying. Maybe used too loosely, sure, but I really don't think anyone is trying to offend or associates it at all with PTSD.
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    @dfox I just saw a handful of uses this morning and decided to say something. I think you're absolutely right, it's a casual misuse not intended to hurt - but a misuse nonetheless.
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