I: Do you have any questions for us?
Me: How do you maintain an AGILE development team?
I: Have you heard of TRELLO


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    Trello works in a kanban environment.
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    Trello can suck my ass.
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    Sounds fun! have you heard about keeping your code in google drive?
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    Can we just talk about how there is no good project management software? Fuck Trello and all of these overly simplistic "put a basic ass note into a basic ass category" management apps
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    @12bitfloat i have a lot less hate for hack'n'plan cos you can actually automate everything, and export everything to excel nicely
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    @12bitfloat Have you heard of YouTrack?
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    Yes, but that doesn't answer the question.

    That's like answering the question "How do you build a house?" with the question "Have you heard of a hammer?"

    Great. So now I know two things: You use a tool and you ARE a tool.
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