Poll: I see a lot of Windows users here, naturally as it's the dominant OS. I do wonder how many of you dev's that would be willing to accept lower compensation in exchange for instead working in Linux?

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    I wouldn't care if I get to use windows or linux. I prefer using linux but wouldn't mind using windows for better payment
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    Using as in 'this is your workstation now, use it', or using as in 'developing apps for' ?
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    @spl0 yes, as in workstation
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    @undefined I'd use whatever pays, but prefer Linux.

    Windows is slightly tolerable if you put emacs on it.

    I had to use a VAXstation (running VMS) once as my workstation! With DECwindows! Even though I was working on a UNIX project.... :-)
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    Don't think so. Even though I've only started using Linux (Debian) for a couple of months I can already notice that my productivity is simply much higher than when developing on Windows (even though I still do that too).
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    On my first day at job I was given a windows machine. I simply said I prefer working on Linux and the project they gave me would be easily developed in Linux (it's a r&d project). Next thing I know, they hooked me up with a Linux machine. It made my day :)
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    Considering I run all my projects in Linux Vm's on a Windows host anyway, I get best of both :D

    Now where's my payrise
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    I would ask for more money for working on linux machine. Even more if I had to work on a Mac.
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    I'll stick with Windows, especially now that I can have (mostly) both worlds with Bash on Windows. I'm 10 times more productive on Win than anything I've ever done on Linux.
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    Mac sucks asses in networking...windows is full of sharewares... not much left for the real work
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    I actually prefer linux, but as the software I use are written for F*** Windows, I'm kinda stuck using it.
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