In one of our first C programming classes today in college, I booted up Ubuntu on the dual boot systems to practice our first few programs which we were supposed to be doing in Turbo C on Windows.
I successfully compiled it using gcc on the first try which appeared like magic to my neighbor. Soon our teacher came to check my program and said that I made a mistake. I asked her what is the mistake? She said that I was supposed to be using conio.h!!
I argued that it is not a standard header file and using it makes the code non-portable. She tried it to edit it to include conio.h but couldn't edit it since I was using vim. I was asked to switch to Windows and use Turbo C instead and also use conio.h. I denied and she told me to follow her or leave the class.

The weather was nice.

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    That's the end of the story.
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    oh that conio.h bullshit.
    turboc still gives me nightmares.
    I hate. fucking hate turboc. and there is special place In hell for teachers using it now when there are superior less pain in the ass alternatives. -,-
    all hail turboc, the massive pain in the ass software ever written(after windows ofc)
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    This post reminds me of my college.

    Teacher didn't know how for loops work (yes she didn't and I still don't know how she got the job) and shouted at me for pointing out she was doing it wrong. She was like "I'm the teacher, you shouldn't be telling me how to do it"

    Ultimately her code didn't work (obviously)
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    @matutter4 what I did was to include conio.h and then not use it. That's how I was allowed to sit in class today.
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    You are in the right path buddy.... And I believe you also know that :)
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    This reminds me of a classmate back in the nineties who got suspended from comp. class for a month for having exited Windows by hitting alt-F4. Looked too much like wizardry to the teacher...
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    @ishankothari got in a big brawl with the teaching staff for pointing out something wrong.
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    I wasted ten years of my programming life using the fking conio.h

    like the ending of the story, thug life
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    @rookiemaverick print conio.h and burn it with fire.
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    You did the right thing.
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    I think someone here deserves a beer
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    Cool story bro✌
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    Had a similar experience, although I pointed out some freakishly terrible css mistakes in our teachers website. He was not amused. :3
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    Which college did you go to?
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    @Oversmart every school and college in my country uses that shit. And I bet other countries do too.
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    In our college no one knows what is turboc 😅. We used to use vim even though we only knew :wq.. Good times!!
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    That's like a normal day for me. Ugh, these ignorant and dumb teachers!
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    Is she dumb? Does she not see that you're supposed to learn in that class? As long as you learn, what's the point in getting mad if its just a different way? Maybe her ego is getting in the way?
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    This is actually the reason my college professors don't like me however my thesis advisors love me for the output I have for thesis
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