Oh my damn god,
I just found the remote-server plugin for vsCode and holy fuck balls, it's the one thing I've wanted from vsCode since ever.

When you dev in VMs and are forever working with remote code using SFTP and git on a remote servers, it's a pain in the ass.
But this, god damn this solves all of that, and with connection specific plugins, I think I just came.

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    Tmi, but I'm glad you're happy?
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    @Root there was a tag for that 😂
    And yes, I think.. once I get past all the plugin setting up... it will make my life that much easier.
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    With Red Moon on I couldn't read the tags 😅
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    @Root I'm glad you can read anything with that on 🤓

    But it was there.
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    It's a bit of setup, but if you're developing on your desktop, you should be using some CI tools, like concourse, with integrations for code versioning. It sounds like you're not using code versioning at all.
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    @bahua it's a lamp stack.
    Dev is done on a local VM and then pushed to git to a staging branch this is then deployed to AWS EC2 stacks for testing and deployments.

    Git is used as source control and feature/fix branching.

    However the dev it self is on a near replica prod vm.

    This saves a tonne of back and forth with getting tests working and devs can verify what they are working on is actually working before it gets merged and tested.
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    @C0D4 since php isn't compiled, why not just mount your source folder?
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