Today I told my crush that I love her. She said no, but in the nicest way possible. She's so cute 😍

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    Hopefully it didn't crush you
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    @asgs thanks for the pun, and no, it didn't destroy me inside or something. Just a little disappointed, but she didn't break my hard because of that LOVELY apologize. God, I love her.
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    How did ahe say no?
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    @craphon I'll show you in just one second
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    @craphon here.

    Ok, this is from my friend:

    Ok, I'm sorry I didn't respond to you.

    First of all, it is very complimenting and I appreciate the efforts put into saying that, but I can't really feel the connection between us like you feel it...

    You are a really really good friend of mine and it's always fun and funny with you but I don't feel there's more to it, at least not right now. I'm not ready for a connection like this anyways...
    I'm sorry ❤️
    But I really hope we could stay friends.
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    That is indeed a wholeful way of communicating 🙂
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    @craphon she even hugged me after that 😍
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    Thanks @irene for the respeck.
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    @irene you upvotes me lol
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    The pain kicks in when you see her saying yes to someone else
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    @sleek she said that she is not ready for something like this right now. Though, what you say is right, I experienced it first-hand. It was so heartbreaking
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    Sadly, whenever I got a response like that, it was just a girly way of saying "when hell freezes over".

    Escaping the friendzone is harder than escaping the gravity well of a black hole (not that I've tried the latter).
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    She wrote "you're a good friend" and I don't doubt that is the case. Hence friendzone.

    I didn't say she promised anything, but neither did she say "never gonna happen", which might be what she feels, but doesn't want to say in order not to hurt him. Well, that's how it usually was in my case, which is all I wanted to convey.

    If it's different here, great.
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    As a girl, I find it really upsetting when guys approach me with the intention of dating. I'm not obligated to date anyone, if anything it's more of a girlfriendzone. I'm glad that you were mature about this rejection, and I hope you two can still be friends
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    @darksideofyay of course, I can't force anyone to love me. That would be an obsession. And yeah, we are still good friends. Thanks for the support
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    @darksideofyay by the way, what is the idea behind your username? I find it intriguing.
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    @OmerFlame haha when me and my friends were playing swtor i would say "yaaaay" a lot in the call so they named our guild "The Dark Side Of YAY"
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    @darksideofyay that is genuinely an amazing story. Keep YAYing. YAY ftw!
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    @sleek so fcking true
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