My friend tried to disassemble FakeSMC (hackintoshers where are u at) into assembly code.

My friend: yo dude, let's look at FakeSMC's ASM!

Me: u stoopid or wut

My friend: don't worry, it's gonna be so much fun!

Me friend after an hour and an accidental modification the the file through ASM: bro i need your help, my hackintosh won't boot and I need your backup

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    Sounds legit to me actually, I've done precisely the same kind of thing billions of times
    It's a pity that a VM kinda thing for hardware is pretty much impossible, would've saved a bunch of money lol (FPGAs ftw though)
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    @RememberMe the old PC in your closet would work in that situation, wouldn't it?
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    @Parzi you can't unfuck a PC once you've done hardware damage like cracking the MB or blowing up a processor or something (done both). FPGAs are nice because you can try out "hardware" and it's just built out of programmable elements so can be reused after you're done messing with one design.
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    @RememberMe he wasn't even talking about hardware damage, i thought you meant physical VMs as in a victim PC you could use to install an OS, hose the OS, and repeat.
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    @Parzi do you have sadistic thoughts?
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    @OmerFlame sometimes VMs are too fast even on 1%, or something breaks because apparently VMs aren't 100% accurate... somehow.
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    @Parzi so the idea is to punish them out of their misery because they're too fast? lol
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    @OmerFlame no, the VMs can be too fast and malware payloads can break due to it. The victim PCs are usually underclocked to like 35MHz for DOS malware, 256MHz for Win9x, and 1GHz (or max if lower than that) for NT malware.
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    @Parzi how did we even get to talking about VMs? I talked about our hackintoshes and FakeSMC.kext! VMs are not even related lol
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    @OmerFlame from replying to @RememberMe
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    @Parzi oh shit, thanks for clarifying that. Though you are still sadistic for running DOS, Win9x and NT viruses on VMs. What did the poor VMs do to you?
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    @OmerFlame gotta do something with my 60GB malware stash xD

    plus I RE them so there is that too
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    send me some pls
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