Existing projects, fair enough, but why you'd start a new Java project these days and *not* use Lombok is beyond me. The amount of boilerplate cut down is staggering. Some people still seem to hate it though - the mere mention of the word sends them into tremors.

(also, in b4 the predictable smartarses come in with "why you'd use Java these days at all is beyond me" 😉)

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    As one person I know put it: "because it hacks itself into the compiler."
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    @IAmAnIssue Granted, but when is that ever an issue in practice?

    The only time I've seen Lombok come unstuck because of that is that it sometimes takes a bit longer for them to support new major Java versions, but you'd have to really want to be on the bleeding edge to fall foul of that one. Most are still on Java 8.
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