I like where this is going, too bad arrow methods are not in the language yet like in C#

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    ugh, of course php would use postfix datatypes
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    @inaba it's better then nothing 🤷‍♂️
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    @AlexBrooklyn seeing as I've come from the PHP4 days, seeing php the way it is today compared to mess it once was, makes me feel delighted to still be using it. how this old girl has grown up 🥰
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    I'd too like some fn (x) => f(x, y). The RFC is now almost three years old.
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    @joas I love that 7.4 has them for anonymous functions although I would still love to have them for methods like:

    public function getName(): string => $this->name;
    public function getAge(): int => $this->age;
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    No auto-properties? Gross.
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    Didn't know and actually didn't believe you that they are coming. I'm looking towards the final release so we can use it in production. It seems that the general availability is set for November.
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    @joas the 7.4 docker image seems promising, can't wait 'till november/december for 7.4 and symfony 4.4 :D
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    Just got my internship, working with PHP and Symfony, and while I always said I hate PHP, it's not bad. Although rewriting Wordpress as intern ain't easy ...
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