I have been asked to submit an explanation since i didnt complete the work on friday as well as not using saturday to complete it .

I only got into this particular project after the working hours which was 6 pm and worked until 9 pm on friday. Extra 3 hours was for the some apis for pdf generation and mail. ( i do front and back according to situation).
I was too tired from multitasking all weekdays..
(no overtime pay. I work like atleast 9-10hrs regulary without including lunch )
.The remaining work is frontend arrangements. Yeah forgot one things. 2 months salary pending.

I need some judgements

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    Why would you work unpaid
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    @electrineer This is the first time having this long delay
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    @sandeepbalan I mean working outside the time you are paid for.
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    @electrineer PM kinda friendly. So never felt like pressuring us. CEO is working aborad. He plan deadlines without proper enquiries from our side. Hence the PM had to pressure and requested explanation.
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    Look for another job. 9-10 hours regularly and then even the weekends will earn you a heart stroke before you turn 40.

    And you know what? The CEO won't give a rat's ass if you drop dead.

    It would be difficult to scale that back because you already taught them that you are an exploitable resource.
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    @Fast-Nop speaks wisdom. Listen.
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    @Fast-Nop I am about to hit 1 year mark in this company this month. So i am hoping to get an increment. So i think i can use that for the CTC . Means i can go with more ECTC.
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    on the day you find out whether or not you got the increment, if you didn't get it, don't say a word. WALK OUT.
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    @sandeepbalan More money would only buy you a better funeral. If that's what you're interested in, go for a raise. Otherwise, reduce the working hours to a civilised level.
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    @Fast-Nop what i meant was to look for a new job after the increment. So that i could use atleast 20 more of current CTC to the new company. Concern is i am not quire sure whether i get an increment this month.
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    @bols59 1 month notice period.
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    @electrineer @Fast-Nop @Root @bols59

    As expected CEO called an threw some of his anger to us (Didnt event mention a thing about pending salary during the call). . He is not a jerk as we see in the movies. But this is kinda jerkish. But PM was like he didnt know anything about this incident . Now he needs to finish this before tomorrow. I didnt care to respond his concerns. I just nodded with a sound.
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