Have you ever envied someone that they know more technologies than you? (e.g they know a couple of frameworks that you don't have any idea about)

If you do, what is your response in this situation and why?

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    My spider sense is not giving a fuck. You can’t know everything and there’s shit you know that I’m sure they don’t so don’t put them on a pedestal.
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    I mostly envy kernel devs as they have a fuckton of knowledge and experience. And I didn't even manage to write my own char device driver :(
    But generally I don't care
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    Knowing a lot does not mean they're good at it. Takes practice to specialise and master something.
    Plus, those are frameworks, too many people rely on them too much, they can barely do anything without it. Programming is much more than some tool hides away essential from you.
    Choose your area of interest and be good at it.
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    Don't envy people who know more than you do. If you work with them you can really learn a great deal from them. It depends on the other person if they are willing to teach you, if they don't, screw them.
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