Going to register a company soon. Wonder if Shite Tech is available? Maybe Broken Technolgies.. suggestions?

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    Poopie developy shite technology industries

    PDSTI for short
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    Try !NotShitCode
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    @serverconnected I mean if you triple a negative, it's still a negative. Something like !ShitCode would be better.
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    See what the Farsi translation is and register it as that. No one will ever get it.
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    depleted code
    failed install

    Best pick would be name that have free domain name and is somehow related to what you do and easy spellable as you will need to say it sometimes to other people.
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    @c3ypt1c well it’s supposed to be negative that’s the whole point😂
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    @bols59 we did something similar. We chose Spanish though. My country is primarily English speaking
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