People who actually implement DRY: "Don't repeat yourself!"

People who "implement" DRY but are morons: "Don't repeat yourself, never say the same thing twice, and try not to be redundant."

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    It says don't, not never.
    Sometimes a bit of repeated code is actually more maintainable.
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    @Root Occasionally. For example, if I needed to develop an entire system to avoid repeating myself twice or three times, then fuck that! Repeat yourself!

    But in general, DRY.
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    Two very similar but subtly different modules are much more work and mental effort to generalize than to maintain separately.

    Don't repeat yourself! But like with everything, there are exceptions.
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    imo software concepts are a bit overrated.
    some stuff can be useful in edge cases too.
    Knew someone firing people just for using switch case in any context (Java)
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    I've got almost the same block of code (there's a minor difference) running on two different servers inside two different projects. Tell me now, how to NOT repeat myself.

    DRY: where you can
    *IDC: where you cant

    *I don't care
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    @kleopi @Root @C0D4 This half baked joke was about people who poorly implement DRY, not about people who repeat themselves once.

    I obviously agree with all of you. It would be ridiculous to never actually repeat a single line of code.
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    @AlgoRythm you were missing the </sarcasm> node, we devs get defensive without it 😏
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    A) It wasn't sarcastic, I think it came across a bit too literal though.

    2) I thought joke/meme tag appends sarcasm implicitly
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    It would appear to be.

    😂 also tags lie. So many jokes become rants, sometimes the opposite is correct too.
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    I sometimes use the word "if" twice.
    Really hard to get around this
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    These sorts of "rules" are useful for double checking yourself rather than being ultimatums.

    It pays to be aware of them so that whenever you've implemented such a "code smell", you can go back and work out if you *really* need to do that, or you've just goofed.
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