Ah, it was good.
In last promotion I got rise of 70%+ (it was on performance basis).
I did not became senior dev but I still maintain more than 3 projects and help most of the people irrespective of stack.

Mostly this happened due to things I'm working on, currently I'm the one and only guy who is working on entire different things and I was always given with R&D tasks maybe it's new tool, library, stack, they always give me.(But because of this I never learnt specific thing completely which is too bad in my perspective)

Our company actually moved it's location to another city and I don't wanted to migrate so I just told them I can't but our CTO is too friendly so he said just do work from home and come when there is urgency, so I almost did work from home for more than 5 months.

Later we mutually decided that mainly I will be working in office but I will do work from home for one week in every month and as I was already not ready to move they pay my rent whenever I come.

So here it is, my little story :)

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