I was getting bored and my salary had not changed for over a year. Answered a few headhunters' messages. Got an interview. Then - the second one. Got an offer with >2x the salary I was getting back then. I said I'll think about it

Came back to my office after that interview. 5 minutes later I got an outlook invitation for a performance review with my manager, scheduled for tomorrow.

During the review he appologised he had overlooked the fact that my promo and salary had to be bumped up a while ago. We had a nice chat [he is an amasing manager! I've learnt so much from him...] and he offered a 50% salary bump. There I go and reveal that I got an offer yesterday with 100% higher amount of € and asked if we could meet in the middle. He agreed :)

I was offered a lot and I asked for even more. And I got it! :) I've agreed to a 75% bump because I really like working here. It's an amazing employer.

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    Wow, ballsy move that ended up paying off. Congrats!
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    Outstanding move 🙂
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    @RiderExMachina even if it hadn't worked out it'd still had been a win for me. Because I already had another offer :) and these other guys were very impressed by how I did my 'homework' task. After I said no to them they still wanted to negotiate by offering even more €!

    I'm a man of my word. I had already made an agreement w/ my current employer and my decision was final.

    Btw thanks :)
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    Nice move. You did an awesome job 🤘
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    Awesome - well played!
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    @netikras thats awesome and a good call to stick with it.

    And the other company, if they are good, will respect that, so if, in the future, you decide to switch, give them a call.

    A person that has integrity is worth a lot as they can be dependable.
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    did you do anything funny with that first +75% pay? 😀
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    Wow. Congratz man! Hat's off to you!
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    @heyheni Nay, I just took my wife for a fancy dinner :)
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    Most companies I've worked in refused to even talk about salary raises that exceeded the single digit percentage range.

    Blackmail with a better offer (they viewed it as such) was generally frowned upon.

    Wrong companies or wrong country I guess. :P
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    Pretty much the same happened to me, but in my case, I was just working for like, 4 months in the company, and another company offered me 2x what I was receiving, talked to my boss, he said to me he was already trying a salary increase for me and that he was going to talk to one of the directors of the company to accomplish that more quickly.

    A few days later, my boss offered me a 50% increase and promised me that in the next 3 months I would receive another raise that would equal the proposal of the other company.

    I had to decline the other company, and damn, that felt really good for my ego, mainly because I'm a junior developer, and started to work in my company just a few months ago
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    What? You accepted a counter offer?! That’s risky. With a lower salary?! Crazy.

    Stockholm Syndrome?
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    Why does it have to be this way? Where you find another position for managers to consider promotions and pay raises.
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    @matste nay, not risky. My currebt employer offers much, much more benefits than that other one. In fact, I believe it offers more useful benefits than most of them in my area 😁
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    Employer: We can offer you a 50% payrise.
    Employee: I'll accept a 75% payrise.

    That's an alpha power move if ever I saw one.
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    @matste there is merit in taking a lower payrise in exchange for the security of staying where you are, in an environment you're comfortable with.

    I'd never expect my current employer to 100% match the offer made by another company because the other company's offer includes the "danger money" of leaving what I'm used to.
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    @Master167 because it's a capitalism economy, the employer will happily never give you a raise if you don't show you want one because then they can earn more profit from your increased experience.
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    WTF, wasn't you who typed "I was getting bored and my salary had not changed for over a year"?

    and few lines later u said is an amazing employer
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    @arcioneo yepp, it was me. There are no dots to connect. Employer != a project
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    Wow! Now that's how you checkmate in a job! Good job!
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