I was getting bored and my salary had not changed for over a year. Answered a few headhunters' messages. Got an interview. Then - the second one. Got an offer with >2x the salary I was getting back then. I said I'll think about it

Came back to my office after that interview. 5 minutes later I got an outlook invitation for a performance review with my manager, scheduled for tomorrow.

During the review he appologised he had overlooked the fact that my promo and salary had to be bumped up a while ago. We had a nice chat [he is an amasing manager! I've learnt so much from him...] and he offered a 50% salary bump. There I go and reveal that I got an offer yesterday with 100% higher amount of € and asked if we could meet in the middle. He agreed :)

I was offered a lot and I asked for even more. And I got it! :) I've agreed to a 75% bump because I really like working here. It's an amazing employer.

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    Wow, ballsy move that ended up paying off. Congrats!
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    @RiderExMachina even if it hadn't worked out it'd still had been a win for me. Because I already had another offer :) and these other guys were very impressed by how I did my 'homework' task. After I said no to them they still wanted to negotiate by offering even more €!

    I'm a man of my word. I had already made an agreement w/ my current employer and my decision was final.

    Btw thanks :)
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    Awesome - well played!
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    @netikras thats awesome and a good call to stick with it.

    And the other company, if they are good, will respect that, so if, in the future, you decide to switch, give them a call.

    A person that has integrity is worth a lot as they can be dependable.
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    did you do anything funny with that first +75% pay? 😀
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    Wow. Congratz man! Hat's off to you!
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    @heyheni Nay, I just took my wife for a fancy dinner :)
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    Most companies I've worked in refused to even talk about salary raises that exceeded the single digit percentage range.

    Blackmail with a better offer (they viewed it as such) was generally frowned upon.

    Wrong companies or wrong country I guess. :P
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    Pretty much the same happened to me, but in my case, I was just working for like, 4 months in the company, and another company offered me 2x what I was receiving, talked to my boss, he said to me he was already trying a salary increase for me and that he was going to talk to one of the directors of the company to accomplish that more quickly.

    A few days later, my boss offered me a 50% increase and promised me that in the next 3 months I would receive another raise that would equal the proposal of the other company.

    I had to decline the other company, and damn, that felt really good for my ego, mainly because I'm a junior developer, and started to work in my company just a few months ago
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    What? You accepted a counter offer?! That’s risky. With a lower salary?! Crazy.

    Stockholm Syndrome?
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    Why does it have to be this way? Where you find another position for managers to consider promotions and pay raises.
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    @matste nay, not risky. My currebt employer offers much, much more benefits than that other one. In fact, I believe it offers more useful benefits than most of them in my area 😁
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    Employer: We can offer you a 50% payrise.
    Employee: I'll accept a 75% payrise.

    That's an alpha power move if ever I saw one.
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    @matste there is merit in taking a lower payrise in exchange for the security of staying where you are, in an environment you're comfortable with.

    I'd never expect my current employer to 100% match the offer made by another company because the other company's offer includes the "danger money" of leaving what I'm used to.
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    @Master167 because it's a capitalism economy, the employer will happily never give you a raise if you don't show you want one because then they can earn more profit from your increased experience.
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    WTF, wasn't you who typed "I was getting bored and my salary had not changed for over a year"?

    and few lines later u said is an amazing employer
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    @arcioneo yepp, it was me. There are no dots to connect. Employer != a project
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    Wow! Now that's how you checkmate in a job! Good job!
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    Do you expect a raise every year? I think here it's more common every two years.

    But if you can get +75% for the same work, you definitely had too less before.
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    @w00000t yes, we expect raises after each performance review, every year. Inflation is quite annoying here hence the need for frequent raises.

    And yea, I was severely underpaid imo :) altho I know people of my level who were getting paid even less...
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    It's a win-win situation for both of you then !
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    I'm basically trying the same thing at the moment, it is not going nearly as well 😅
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    @matste I agree. Accepting counter offers is really dangerous. They know you're not loyal and you will probably never move up again. Plus you miss out on the chance to work with new things and tech. This post feels like it could be a regret in a few years.
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    @djsumdog It _IS_ "in a few years" now and there are no regrets :) And since I had an awesome manager he completely understood why i did that and did not judge me. In fact, he mentioned that exploring possibilities out there and keeping track of your (my) value in the market is a very sensible thing to do :)
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