Dear developers, the main reason that I install your shitty apps is to do stuff quicker than through webpage or to log in once. I don't want to install your shitty app just to login every your shitty app update to only see small gui that opens your webpage.


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    I don't think the dev team is 100% to blame tho, every company wants their own app
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    ++ for TNG
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    Really? You don’t want a website wrapped up in an app? This is so surprising, I never would have even considered this.

    Are you not aware of how quicker to build it is? Or the benefits of write once deploy anywhere? Maybe if I make you, the customer, read this 50 slide presentation on how app wrappers/hybrid/cross platform Is the future, it might distract you from how shit the end solution is
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    Data is down to get shit faced.
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