Hey remote workers.

What would be your advice for someone with experience that's interested in exploring remote work.

I'd like to target this question to remote workers that live outside USA/EU/UK. Say South America, South Asia.

A little introduction.

I'm a full stack engineer, did one project in embedded systems with QT/C++/RPI can do backend in Python, Node, Java, C#. I have some experience with React Native (just 2 apps)

I currently I do full stack with Node, React, postgres and caching with couchdb.
I gather requirements, write the projects, proposals and then I do the implementation. (Really full stack, I kinda like it though, when I'm bored with code I pick up an issue and contact the client to socialize/get answers. I found out that nondevs like to feel they talk to a human not a robot)

I'm making about 600usd/month (dev in a poor country) working 30hrs /week. I'd like to ramp up my income, working remote part time to fill up about 50hr week.

What can I expect?
Where do I start?
Are there part time opportunities for working remote?
What kind of roles are in demand?

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    1) burnout
    2) remote job boards, Angel list
    3) yes
    4) full stack, front end, etc
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    @nanl I'd like to see if more remote workers experience burnout.

    That's the kind of thing that I'd rather avoid.
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    @galileopy the main issue with remote work is the challenge to have work-life balance. It can be draining to work alone. Sometimes you will need to work extra hours to keep deadlines. Your productivity should be equal or higher than a local worker. But it's a nice experience.
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    @nanl that's why I'm thinking of a part time job. I don't want to leave my current job because I know I'll miss the social aspect. Besides I'm in a good place, they just can't pay me more right now, it's a government office and it takes time to get a pay raise here.
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    Am a uni student in an African country making on avg $1000 monthly doing easy scripting stuff and work on avg 4 days a week because am fucking lazy...it's all about pricing yourself ...stop working with cheap employers even if they seem plenty...I rather have 2 clients paying me 500 each than get 10 clients paying 100 each...and the moment I start doing full stack am going to start making first world salaries in a 3rd world country😁
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