I'm on vacation.
A friend asked me if I could work on a freelance web project. I was getting bored of summer vacations so I said yes.
It was a website for online lottery and it was already developed by some freelancers.
Owner wanted more freelancers to revamp design and administration panel.

I looked at the site and knew that I had seen the worst design and code of my life.

Frontend was made of two colors only, black and yellow. Out of both, black was more prominent. Moreover it had nothing related to Js as if it was developed as a challenge to be accomplished without java script.

Admin panel and backend was much worse than that. No security practices and deprecated essential libraries.

The nightmare is about to end as I have inducted a much better design from themeforest for frontend.
Backend is in my homebrew php framework.
(Good luck future freelancers 😆)
I'm positive that next edits will be features additions only and no one will blame my code.

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    Why your own homebrew backend?
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    cause it works.
    Honestly, I'm still learning laravel.
    Also my homebrew allows me to do more with less and because I know it all from scratch.
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    Limiting JavaScript on a website is not a bad thing honestly
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    @fahad3267 though in general its an horror for the people after you and they will rewrite it again.
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    @EngineerCoding depends to what level. Ive made a fully CSS based 2D game and a calculator.

    Both without any javascript.
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    In php community you need to develop a cms on your own to become a man 😂
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