I’ll quit swearing when you stop moving user-stories in and out of the sprint DURING THE FUCKING SPRINT.

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    I feel yor pain.
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    This behavior is a valid reason for the sprint to fail. It's directly expressed in the definition of scrum πŸ˜‚
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    @broseph your Scrum Master should protect the team from doing that. Your team should express their thoughts about this during the sprint retrospective, and you should fail to deliver next time.
    Otherwise you show that you have "hidden capacity buffer" that can be exploited by Product Owner at will.
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    @mt3o I fought back today. I have a weird thing where I tear-up when I’m stressed and I completely undermined my argument. But I was solo. In a room with two kiss-ups, an idiot, and two yes-men. So obviously I did the weird tear-up/borderline-cry shit that I do. I lost the discussion.
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    @broseph what's your role in the scrum team?

    Btw, during work, I swear A LOT. Because of everything. Don't feel guilty πŸ˜‰
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    @mt3o I’m just a lowly scrum-delivery person who read the SBOK we were given and cares more about Uncle Bob’s clean architecture than I do MVP. There needs to be a balance but apparently I’m to emotionally immature to try to maintain that balance. I’ll just fucking cry about. Like an asshole. WTF
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    @broseph well, you need help. As a team, and you as a person. For behavior in which you accept way more than you can handle and then explode is hurting you. You need to learn how to be assertive.
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