When 32 GB RAM is no longer enough...

:~$ ps -eo pid,pcpu,pmem,vsz,rss,args | grep java | sort -nrk3 | head -1
9071 117 74.6 34740516 24338652 java -Xms2g -Xmx24g -Xss40m -DuploadDir=. -jar webapp-runner- -AconnectionTimeout=3600000 --port 9000 heaphero.war

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    Well, that's why I don't use Java 🤣
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    @galileopy what do you use then? How do you find memory leaks in your lang.? Don't your lang heap [core] dump analyzers consume loads of memory? :)
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    Well think about me ;_; i use only 8gb memory to do this with a 940mx 2gig graphics ;_;
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    @spantheslayer to do what? Analyze 10GB heap dumps? I don't think gpu is useful for that.,
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    @netikras not that much ;_; I only used around 3/4gb of dump logs ;_;
    Still it takes much time to find leaks ;_;
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    @spantheslayer yepp it does :) that's why I tried heaphero. It works quite well but it needs shitload of memory to process a dump. In this case for a 10G dump it needed 24G or so ram.

    It's great that I am running linux tho - I can throw in some swap any time to extend my ram :)

    what do you use for dump analysis?
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    Android building. Eats 24G ram in one go. Then Java starts oh boy.
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    @Haxk20 nightmare for 8gig ram users uk +_+
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    @spantheslayer well its nightmare for me with 16 GB Ram and 16gb swap. Will update to 32gb ram if I have the money.
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