What are the most important qualities you look for when hiring new devs? What are the biggest warning signs for you? We're gearing up for interviewing devs in the near future so I figured I'd ask the devRant think tank its thoughts on the matter.

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    I want common sense
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    @rendezvous If that type also gets paired with huge ego, you have a real problem on your hands though.
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    @rutee07 Oh yeah. Having the will to learn from others or from own mistakes is an essential skill for a developer.
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    @rutee07 Sometimes can be hard to distinguish, I mention it because on previous work, all my coworkers provided the stupidest solutions to each problem, and I looked like the ego guy, but honestly, their ideas were so basic and primitive...
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    Adaptability, enthusiasm and experience.

    I always look for someone who is excited about development and keen to keep learning, adaptable so they're easier to fit into your culture and working practices. They also need to demonstrate they have the skills needed for the role or at least show they have potential.
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    @jurion Question: Why time.ToString() for the bottom one? TextWriters autonatically call .ToString() anyway.
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    @jurion Sure.
    Main idea is still the difference between...

    classes vs structs
    reference types vs value types
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    @jurion That seems like a slightly altered version of "detect a palindrome", lol
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    @jurion Woah, that if-else person sounds like a brute-force kinda person.
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