Client: Please add feature x in "here"
Me: Adds feature x in "here"

Fast forward to QA

QA: Test for feature x failed. Feature was added in "here" but is not in "there"
Me: There was no request to add x in "there"
Client: Feature x was already supposed to be in "there", you might have removed it.
Me: *Checks file where feature would be added.
* Git blame show no changes since received we the project (one major release back)

Lying cunt. I'm sick of your literally incomprehensible tasks giving government fucks, speak human language not overhead driven bureaucracy-jargon

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    That's the reason one should document everything when you pick up a new project. When I was into webdev and working with clients, I wanted them to prepare request with "is/want to be" kind of document comparing the state. It helps.
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    Happened to me, then never accepted a request without written proof
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    @mt3o the task did thay, but it was that old, that it was changed in the meantime and nobody cared enough to update the task, since it's actually just a collection of insignificant changes (mostly text presentation changes)
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