This is the beginning of an edifact file, we received for the third time with the same error at a different line.

Let's see if someone here finds that error.

UNA:+.? '

First time. Meh. Could happen to anyone.
Second time. Aw come on. Really?
Third time: Are you fucking serious?

We told them now two times what the problem with the file is.
How can you still manage to make the same error on a completely different line that didn't have that error before?

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    The Format reminds me of the content of an QR-SEPA-Transaction
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    @stop This Edifact format is basically universal. but most of the time it's used for electronic transfer of invoices and similar documents.
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    Error: unexpected character ` on line 5, expecting '

    I don't know what is this shit but my spider senses told me the error 😄
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    @hack That´s exactly it.

    What makes it even worse:
    The very first line defines that character throughout the rest of the file...
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    There's a few shipping carriers using these as fallback data, it even came to the point that I made a library to generate these for a customized label size (f DHL Parcel not giving me an A6-sized label... I don't want arbitrary A6+ :v)
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    There's something I almost had to do a project for, glad I didn't now.
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    Amadeus ?
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