Arch, bleeding edge, something something.

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    But look at how small the net upgrade size is
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    You using KDE or what? :D
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    How long did you not update? A week?

    I would go crazy. My morning routine consists of updating my desktop and two arch servers.
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    @Falk it's my laptop. I haven't touched it for like half a year, maybe more.
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    That would drive me nuts. I'll admit updates are nearly always stable but the few times they aren't I need to have some time to fix it before I need to do things. Kudos to you man, but that's way too often for me.

    Flip side! Damn dude, it's a rolling distro, how do you not roll for that long? I'm surprised you didn't break earlier for having out of date libraries or something similar! It's like all libs too 🤣
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    @deadPix3l like I said I didn't use it at all for like half a year, but I used for 2 - 3 days before updating and it worked just fine. Also the big update broke nothing.
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    @sSam oh gotcha. You legit didn't touch it at all. I thought you just meant you didn't update it. Makes sense. And I don't imagine the update would break anything. It very rarely does unless you have a bunch of AUR or self compiled stuff.

    But try not updating for 3 months and then install new packages. Sometimes new packages don't pull in the latest libraries (which you would have had you updated) and you end up with new software running on old library versions. Not super common but by far the most common issue I've experienced.
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