Unpopular Opinion but
sometimes I feel that the pay should be based on how much you contributed to the project not by the titles or your highest education level.

So no fucks given if you are master degree holder or 4yr experience. If you did more work this month, your pay will be higher. If you wasted your whole month browsing reddit your pay will be lower.

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    I kinda like the idea, but there is a few problems with the idea.

    1. I simple believe it isnt possible, due to it would require more administration to calculate the salary based on your work for each hour, what would be pretty hard to do, which is exactly why is is possible for some to browse reddit etc, because they dont know what you are doing minute by minute.

    2. It seems pretty impractical to have a salary that would maybe be pretty high one month and the next it would be pretty low.
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    How would you measure 'work'?

    Since most of the development happens in our minds, debugging can take forever, 2 lines of code can hide 7 hours of suffering and coordination or planning aren't always documented

    Asking employees to write everything down is probably not an option
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    About the education level, i think some places already doesnt really pay you more just because of a degree etc.

    About the titles, i do agree some titles are ridiculous and doesnt require a higher pay in my opinion. But with titles like Junior & Senior it does make sense, due to the requirements for seniors are way higher than juniors.
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    That's a bit unfair, eh?

    I mean the classic CEO does no work whatsoever but that motherfucker is the reason you're able to buy food.

    The only thing you'd achieve with this is rivality, madness and burnout.
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    The only way to make this work is to institute invasive micromanagement software that would make any employee of any value run for the hills.
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    Yeah, this would fail especially since everyone on windows would get paid more since they have to do all that extra work to make sure their OS doesnt fuck everything up. Btw I use arch. Have you tried using arch?
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    @noobrants that comment made me so angry at first but these last 2 sentences cracked me up. What a ride.
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    Whatever your opinion on the general opinion, that is the actual, IRL basis for compensation in the IRL world.
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