Failed a test on HackerRank. Makes me question whether I should keep pursuing this career. :/

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    What kind of test?

    I tried some tests too once, didn't go well. Still my boss loves my work
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    @alexbrooklyn I had 90 minutes to solve two Katas. I managed to solve the first one ~30 minutes. The second one tough had me utterly confused. I got the description completely wrong, hacking away complete garbage for 50 minutes until I re-read it and slowly started to even grasp what I was supposed to do.
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    It's called motivation
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    You failed once, that's it, that was the one shot you had in life, you're done, go home and never come back
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    Well it's not that bad tbho. I guess my self esteem took a hit but that's also on me for going into it, rather unprepared. I just find it interesting how a single, minor, fuckup can have such an impact on me.
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    When you failed to eat everything from plate does it mean you stopped eating from plate for life ?

    - Here you go, your meal sir
    - I don’t eat from plate, please put it in bowl and make it small so I will be able to eat it all
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    @vane okay you lost me
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    Okay turns out they didn't care too much and liked what I did (at least for the first part. lol)
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