Hi all. Can anyone recommend me a good MacBook Pro model that’s suitable for live streaming and video editing?

I’m mostly will be doing live coding, some Youtube videos, and blogging. I really love the 2015 retina model but my friend said to get newer specs. What you guys think?

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    Could get a Mac book air and it would cover those needs :p

    But, I'm prejudice against Apple because they're crap so there's that lol
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    Good or macbook pro?
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    My two cents:
    - Look what the requirements for the video editing program are, and buy a Mac by the recommended specs if it is in your budget.
    - For blogging, I guess, every computer is fine. Text editors, image editing or whatever probably requires less resources then those for video editing.

    Just a question: Why a Macbook at all? As others said, the price/value isn't that good anymore.
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    @sbiewald because I’m dreading Rails development on Windows and might be heading back to work at the Apple Store. Thanks for your advice btw 😊
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