Last day of agile project i get asked for confirmation that the alpha system can handle 100000 records. We have had no load testing requests only feature pushes every sprint.

I see the back-end guys have used EF in a search function that eager joins a bunch of tables. Then the results get sorted and filtered in application code. It works fine for a few hundred records but the customer will do about 100k new records a year.

Yeah this won’t meet requirements. I wish they asked for some load testing before the last day. They aren’t going to like that one person can do a search every 15 seconds by the end of the year when I tell them. FML

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    You didn’t code for scale from the beginning?
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    @bkwilliams you code for scale from the beginning?
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    @bkwilliams I was working in front end code throughout the project. It looks like they did some build it in Visual Studio automagically generated code.

    This was supposed to be a prototype system to be used in a small test group on a very short timeline. They just like it so much they wanted to bring it to full prod.
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    Time to rewrite then
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    "This was supposed to be a prototype"
    Haha, classic customer move. I just talked with colleagues about this yesterday. We came up with this analogy:

    Customer asks for a prototype car. You build one, 80% of life size, made of cardboard and aluminium foil. Once in the customer's hands, he immediately asks to drive it to the highway.
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    @grumpyoldaf yeah, I just think differently.
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    @grumpyoldaf yeah, I just think differently.
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    @grumpyoldaf There is coding for scale and there is coding for not sucking donkeyballs. (100k records / year is not much at all)
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    @devTea No budget left. Most developers have moved from the project. The customer is reclaiming every dime unspent as “under budget”.

    @ItsNotMyFault It is absolutely terrible coding but since none of us worked with EF before, what looked like a sane query isn’t because of eager loading. I find it crazy a performance trap like this even exists in EF.

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    @ItsNotMyFault oh I agree. I just thought “code for scale from the beginning hurr durr” was an equally stupid statement to make is all.
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