My last promotion was a 2% raise for a hell of a lot more responsibility

Guess who's updating their CV 🙃

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    I wouldn't even consider this a raise. It is most likely close to inflation, so all it does is making sure that work you do is worth the same as it did when you got hired.
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    Mine was 1.7%, I am severely underpaid.

    Job market for software developers in my area is non-existent. Time to move :(
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    It's too ridiculous. Should be at least 10% per a year period. You should talk to direct manager seriously or update your LinkedIn as soon as possible.
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    @rutee07 some companies just replace some employees with Juniors, and life continues
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    A lot of companies have a basic annual salary increase by 2%-5% (without a promotion).
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    The trick is to have it always updated 😉
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    @shivayl nah I don't really like job switching

    That being said, I do have a job interview in a few hours 😅
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