I told my boss that I felt my job filled the work description of a “senior engineer”. He asked me to write down a few sentences why I thought so, so he could suggest a title change to the board. I did and two months later it went through! Got a 15% increase! :)

I also was kind of “head hunted” for a different job a few weeks before, but hadn’t received any real offer from that company yet. This got known to my bosses boss and he urged me to talk to my boss before making any decision. I think that also helped... :p

I’m now the only senior engineer in my department, just because I take on a little extra responsibility and do a little more than what is expected of us.

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    I should do the same
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    Awesome! Our previous lead engineer left for another company a little while ago and I have basically taken over his responsibilities and got a pay increase.

    I feel like there is still a lot to learn, but I guess to be abruptly forced out of your comfort zone is great way to learn tons of new skills - technical and non-technical. Very enjoyable so far, although we do unfortunately have far too much in the pipeline at the moment (not helped by having one less guy on the team) which is resulting in many late nights. But thats dev I guess 🤷‍♂️
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