Oh I forgot.
Once I got promoted with more responsibility and my pay raised, but since I just passed some tax threshold for few $ my net income was more or less 1 hundred $ lower than before the promotion...

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    wtf. I don't understand countries that adopt a discrete tax progression. Why not continuous?
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    @crisz Because it would mean that politicians needed to understand math.
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    And the country is...?
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    Canada i gues XD
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    In Germany, the progression works only on the additional income so that more gross income will always mean more net income.

    Example with made-up numbers... income of 10 has no tax. Income of 20 has the lowest 10 still free, and then 20% on the 10 between 10 and 20. Income of 30 has 30% on that between 20 and 30, 20% on the 10 between 10 and 20, and the lowest 10 are free.
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    Where is this? :-D
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    @Benedikt or HR not being a dick
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