So I got an offer to do part time on a project that was mismanaged for two years.

After hearing the comments about how ugly the code base was.

I took it. So now I'll have something to rant here. 🤣

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    @devTea I can say I just like challenges. But I'd be lying.

    I need some extra work and there aren't many companies paying a monthly salary to work remote 3hrs a day.

    So I think it's a win for me.
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    All the best buddy.
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    The advantage (to you) is that if you become the sole expert in this codebase, the company has a bus factor of 1, and you can demand a few raises as a result 😀
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    @AlmondSauce that's part of the plan, and they are aware of it. So they're keeping b the old dev on a support contract just in case
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    @galileopy for now. They presumably can't do that indefinitely!
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    @AlmondSauce ofc. I'll try to make the best off this opportunity.
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