I got my promotion by forcing it. I work at a fairly large gov organization and have done so for 2.5 years. I had been asking for a pay rise for years but was always told there’s no budget. I was doing work way beyond my pay grade as many senior devs had left. Eventually I got really sick of it so applied to another company, took 5 interview rounds but I had an offer that was a 30% raise on my salary at that time.

I submitted my resignation fully thinking that i’m going to leave, but what do you know, my division not only found the budget but did so in 2 days to come back with a counter offer. It’s funny how when push comes to shove, money that previously didn’t exist just appears out of no where

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    In such situations I would really consider taking the new job. Sounds like you can not trust your superiors. Teach them that this is not how a good boss employee relationship works by shitting on their offer.
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    @Falk +1. They've shown themselves up, so why carry on working for them? They're just as likely to do the same in the future. I would have moved anyway.
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    Please don't tell me you stuck with the government job.
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    @irene 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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