Never been promoted.

I was at my last job for 3 years 6 months (first out of uni), my last mid year review I was discussing my performance with my manager, he said I was doing everything I needed to be promoted, just needed to wait a bit longer. I had been performing at that level, with that extra responsibility, for 18 months.

I've since left for a job at Amazon, start in a week, and will literally double my salary. The thing that annoys me is I was one of the most junior engineers in the building, but giving support and teaching almost every engineer in the office. Granted, the company was only 30 people (mostly engineers), but still felt undervalued...

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    This is fairly common practice. Usually without getting promotion you won't get raise. Getting promotion at certain point means changing from developer to management and not everyone is comfortable and/or competent for that. There also could be no open slots for more managers (or whatever is "next" for you). This could be no different at Amazon, so be prepared to change jobs after 2-3 years.
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    @arraysstartat1 getting a raise is still ok without job promotion
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    Report back on how it goes at Amazon! We'd love to know :)

    Also congrats and fuck those guys for not promoting you.
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    @stisch it's pretty good so far thanks! I've mainly just been learning aws/cloud stuff, near 4 years at my last job I didn't touch it, so that's interesting. I was doing computer vision type stuff at my last place, I'm on a team doing machine learning type stuff now and they're all really clever but not a huge amount of experience, so I've been able to give advice and contribute in meaningful ways already, which I'm really pleased about.
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