I use Google for anything I don't know ,
Does that mean I'm a bad programmer?
If so , if I memorize everything I googled once , will I be a good programmer ?
How do good programmers find the solution? Do they try everything ? Kinda brute force ?

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    Programmers Google things all the time. Looking at other people solutions, understanding how they work and then adapting them to your use case is the most important part. If you just copy and paste the answers you don't learn anything and will have to look it up again in the future
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    I have to google how to display a date in php often, it's normal

    Google-fu is an art that programmers require
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    You should never focus on remembering specific things. Remember ideas and concepts. So you know that it's possible to parse a string to a date, now you just need a quick Google search to find out how.

    That's how I work, and I've been told that I'm a good programmer
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    I don't think you should memorize something you can find with google. You can leave that to the search engine and use your brain for something better.
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    Before there was google there was docs, and peers. It’s the same thing now just with access to wayyyy more peers. :)
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    It’s very normal, it’s a resource and a tool so don’t feel bad about using it.
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    @r1100 It's a very important question for me, thank you so much because I didn't have the chance to ask a real programmer myself 🙏(jomle bandim doroste?🤔)
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