I went to buy flowers for [redacted event] and gave the florist my CC info, number, and email for a receipt. He was a nice old man who loves what he does, and makes beautiful arrangements. But. He just emailed me all of my CC info, and asked what part of it was wrong. Twice. Emailed. Plain text. SMTP.

Guess who's requesting a replacement card?


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    Oh no I'm sorry. Older people tend to be a hazard to any kind of technology related security. He probably doesn't realise he did a no-no 😕
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    That's why I behave kind to strange people, and some of them are my friends for years now. It's hard to be alone on this taugh world
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    That's why I use banks like revolut.

    Freeze card. Create new visa. Wait 2s. Done, use it.
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    Why did u need to give the florist cc no? Couldn't you prepay or use some other means...?
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    @Konsole Given the timing and distance, I wasn't able to pay via any other means. I'd have gladly paid in BTC if I was able. 🙁
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    @Root There should be other ways. What about direct transfer? or PayPal?
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    @Konsole Timing. I had about ten minutes and was at work. He was also a technically illiterate old guy.

    Trust me, I wouldn't have done this if I had any alternatives.
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    Oh, God... Oh, heavens... Dumb idea to give your CC to an old man (my opinion)
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    @OmerFlame Agreed, but I really had no choice. 😕
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    Well, that's the @Root of your problem. Fire the manager!
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