I went to buy flowers for [redacted event] and gave the florist my CC info, number, and email for a receipt. He was a nice old man who loves what he does, and makes beautiful arrangements. But. He just emailed me all of my CC info, and asked what part of it was wrong. Twice. Emailed. Plain text. SMTP.

Guess who's requesting a replacement card?


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    I would have bought the next batch of flowers for his funeral but I actually have a weak spot for nice old men.
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    Oh no I'm sorry. Older people tend to be a hazard to any kind of technology related security. He probably doesn't realise he did a no-no 😕
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    That's why I behave kind to strange people, and some of them are my friends for years now. It's hard to be alone on this taugh world
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    That's why I use banks like revolut.

    Freeze card. Create new visa. Wait 2s. Done, use it.
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    that reminds me, i need to start on the thing for that photographer. my friend that works for him sent me this little mini rant the other day....

    "I just got 4578532478545783368 order forms in that have to have credicards manually run"
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    Why did u need to give the florist cc no? Couldn't you prepay or use some other means...?
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    @Konsole Given the timing and distance, I wasn't able to pay via any other means. I'd have gladly paid in BTC if I was able. 🙁
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    @Root There should be other ways. What about direct transfer? or PayPal?
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    @Konsole Timing. I had about ten minutes and was at work. He was also a technically illiterate old guy.

    Trust me, I wouldn't have done this if I had any alternatives.
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    @Konsole some businesses get away with it because they built their rep when it was still somewhat normal to do business this way and their long standing customers trust that they're careful given that they've been in business for so long. It's essentially the same story with the photographer. I've been stalling the project because not only is it going to require a bit of time, but I've got to get enough of it working to convince the guy of how much easier it will make his life before I can sell him on the idea.

    At least it will make my friends life easier in any case, her entire job consists of processing all of these manual order forms. If I wasn't trying to free her up to do design work I probably wouldn't even be considering it because supposedly he's pretty set in his ways.
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    @Konsole she's got her own logo thing going on the side and I need someone with an eye for that if I'm ever going to get started freelancing. I can build functioning interfaces ok but "flat" graphics and designs look about like I vomited a bunch of clipart on the page to quote another friend *cough*

    This guys problems run deeper than just credit card tho that's probably the most threatening. His entire ordering process is physical individual form for each participant and then grouped by gym (cheerleading). Worse still, after they turn them in he has to get someone to sit there and write the starting image number for each form. And yes, if you haven't guessed, image number would be derived from the default progression that was originally programmed in to the camera.

    And for the cherry, the whole team, him, her, the editor and the printershop are remote so they're keeping up with everything via email and drive. Needless to say they lose shit ALL the time.
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