A close friend of mine and i talked a while back and it went a little like this.

friend - "You like programming right"?
me - "Yeah"
friend - "I got a great idea"

She never really told me what the whole idea is. She said its easier to explain face to face but i can guess it's dev related.

But here's the issue. I have a tendence to just suddenly loose all motivation for a project (look at my github) and i'm afraid that i'll loose motivation for the thing she wants to do with me and i'll disappoint her.

Do i help her with her idea or not?

Keep in mind that i'm not a actual dev. Its just kinda my hobby. I can do it for free. Thats not the problem.

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    friend - "You like programming right"?
    me - "Yeah"
    friend - "I got a great idea"

    ...you realise those conversations never end well right? The only good ending to a story that starts like that is:

    me - "Awesome! Afraid I'm much too busy to work on anything personally though."
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    @AlmondSauce How come? There was of course more to the conversation than what i wrote but i trimmed it down for the sake of getting to the point.
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    @HampusMa most people have stupid friends with stupid ideas like "Can you hack my bf fesabook?"
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    @HampusMa here's how these play out if you don't kill it...

    me: well, I was looking for a new project. What's the idea?

    friend: it's for a new dating app. But this app matches you with people based on HAIR COLOR.

    me: hmmm... Haven't there been a ton of dating apps? Is there really a market for this?

    friend: trust me, it'll make millions. I polled my friends and family and they all like the idea. But we need to get it out ASAP

    me: well, where would the funding come from? I might be able to help, but in order to get it done quickly I would need to work on it full time, and I need to be able to support myself

    friend: oh, I can't pay you up front, but I'll share 10% of the profit with you if you build it. It's too good not to make money.

    me: so you want me to do 99.9% of the work for 10% of the profit?

    friend: yes.


    me: ok
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    @nathanasius s/ ok/ hell no./gi
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    If you are doing 90% of the work, you should get 90% of the profits..

    Your 'friend' can have 10%..

    Once you work out what they can that is 10% of the work, I'm sure there is something that needs doing right now. :-)
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    But there is already Plenty Of Fish that lets you match based on haircolor..

    And it's free..

    So how does the person expect to make money competing against a free service ?
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    Not that stupid an idea, just not recommended from a legal point of view !
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    > Do i help her with her idea or not?

    Sure why not, doing anything else with your spare time ?

    I have several such projects on the go, maybe one day one of them will make me some money !

    If you don't try, you ain't ever going to find out.

    Sure I've tons of past examples that didn't work out, but hey, it was fun, interesting, etc.

    Just try and make sure they don't steal all your hard work and kick you too the kerb, as I hear that can happen..
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    > i'm afraid that i'll loose motivation for the

    > thing she wants to do with me and i'll

    > disappoint her.

    Then that is part of her work then to earn her 10% !

    To keep you motivated..

    To keep coming around and keeping you company, bringing you pizza, home cooked meals, taking you out for trips in the countryside..

    So what if you aren't motivated and disappoint her, that is what the risk she is taking choosing you !

    She needs to starts investing time and effort into the project..

    Perhaps you could do with some better equipment, a better paid job, well, that is something she could help sort out.

    Perhaps she could drive you to work and back so you have more time at home to work on your joint project..
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    You had me at " I have an idea ", say no
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    @Nanos if a girl brings me free pizza I would work so hard for her. (if it was a guy I would work so hard for him)
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    Note: before you build an idea, you have to analysis if its a good idea or not, costings, all that boring dull stuff that takes weeks or months to go through first..

    Which the other person can help with. :-)

    Things such as, what licenses do you need, how much do they cost, where is the money coming from for that..

    Do you need to start an official business, who are going to be the shareholders, got someone to be an accountant for free to start with.. ?

    Probably be lots of legal hops to jump through..

    Maybe you don't want to be legally part of that, perhaps you just want them to outsource the software to you, and they take all the business legal responsibility for their 10% share..

    Though I might be more generous and suggest a 50/50 split..

    There is a heap load of work to do besides just writing the software to keep them busy in 'their' spare time. :-)

    This is usually the moment when 99% of people don't want to follow through with their idea I find !
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