Switched my editor to vim mode today, and I'm starting to like it... Send halp

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    Ooh.. crossing to the dark side! Which editor and why don’t you use it directly?
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    @badcopnodonuts he'll get there.
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    Atom, and I tried using it directly, but the issue is that I have a bunch of stuff installed for my atom that I would need to be able to reproduce for vim to get equal functionality, so until I'm able to do that, I'm gonna stick to vim mode...
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    @djlazz3 odd our there's a plugin for vim, if not neo. Just when you get time, your not going anywhere. ":q" is only just the the first step. Last I heard there were now 13 total in the v.a.'s 12 step program 🤔
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    @rutee07 I would've preferred to be a little more specific... :%s/\b(atom)\b/vim/g
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    @djlazz3 Imagine a "vimic bomb" though. 😂
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    @rutee07 sadly nobody was able to escape it...
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