WTF happened with linux kernel 4.15.0-54? Kernel panic on my lap top?

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    Maybe you watched the unlikely event of a memory bit flip caused by cosmic radiation - rare but still possible.

    Of course a programming.maybe issue fixed in later versions might also be the cause as well.

    Really 4.15? It's EOL.
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    @sbiewald I blame the cosmic rays more often that I should, honestly.
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    How do we even still get kernel panics? Had one today on Mac too caused by virtualbox. Wtf. 🤦🏼‍♂️
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    @sbiewald not exactly ancient. At work we have to support RHEL 5.. and I think even current CentOS is still on 3.10 kernel.
    Luckily the kernel was still there and boots. Problem persisted through an apt remove/install of the problematic kernel, so I'd exclude cosmic rays.
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    @badcopnodonuts BSOD's on VM on macOS also not uncommon for me.
    On the physical machine tho
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    @phorkyas No ancient, but still EOL.

    are the still supported LTS versions.
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    @sbiewald Googled it too. 3.10 is dead also. Seems distros don't care "bout which vanilla kernel is LTS?
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    @phorkyas Debian uses 4.9 and 4.19.
    I guess 3.10 was the old LTS, but CentOS does not get new releases very often and back ports fixes to older versions.
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    4.15's working flawlessly for me, if a tad slow on bootup... (Linux Mint, Kali and Debian Buster repos added for some semblance of updated packages)
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