"Ideal" online banking:
1. Force users to change passwords often.
2. Implement possibility to login if forgot password.
3. Make it impossible to chage password if forgot one.

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    Fun fact: Forcing people to change their password often doesn't make it more "secure", on the contrary.

    PS: Enforcing 2FA (not SMS) would be a good thing too!
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    @Jilano In Denmark we have just that, a keycard with 4 digit codes that has a corresponding 6 digit code. The beauty of it is that if you just need to go in and check something or send money to yourself you don't need to use it, but if you need to do anything else you need it
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    1. This is annoying as fuck and doesn't do anything for secucity

    2. This is going to be open for abuse

    3. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuh obv you need to be able to actually change your password
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    @inaba Well, now they are trying to replace it with the NemID moblie app.

    Same thing IMO, but a bit more convenient. The major problem with the paper version is that there are quite a lot of people that don't really keep it safe
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    @taho101 I don't think they're trying to replace it as much as they're trying to compliment it and make it easier for people who like to use apps like that

    Like hell I'll use an app for something like that tho. Like banking and e-boks I'm keeping it away from my phone :v
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    @inaba yea, you are right about that. However some banks (caugh... Nordea... caugh) are trying to push it as a replacement constantly 😂
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    @taho101 Sydbank masterrace 😎
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    @inaba nemlig. I will change at some point as well
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    In the netherlands all our online banking payments are done through a system called iDeal, thought you were talking about that and I was so confused.
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