My email password has been hacked. That's the third time I've had to rename the cat.

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    Name her correcthorsebatterystaple
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    This is gold. Gonna have to steal this one
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    @busuu His password is his cat's name, so each time his password gets cracked, he renames his cat and changes his password to his cat's new name.
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    I assumed it was his security question @AlgoRythm @busuu
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    @UnknownDev hahah Sure 😂
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    @Ashkin Either works I suppose
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    Poor car, needs time to get used to the new names
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    Maybe the cat hacked it. Who knows?
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    Wait.. you guys don't change your cats every 90 days?!
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    Add the cats birthday to the name...
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    It is the cat who is hacking your account to get its name changed. And yes I am Sherlock.
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    That's poor opsec. You should microwave the cat and get a new one each time your security is compromised.
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    @plasmax apparently microwaving is still recoverable. Only physical destruction is the way to go... which in the case of the cat/microwave scenario is only a matter of time so you're still technically safe! 😆💥
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