Stolen from reddit for juicy ++ votes.

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    Take my ++, your juice plus plus hoe.
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    The Android this guy had before iPhone.

    Now it's about who can get to market with the shittest implementation of new tech🤷‍♂️

    Samsung, Google and Apple are all the same now, except Apple takes longer to get to market with anything but when it does it generally* just works.

    *yes, they fuck things up too at times.
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    It is not about OS vs OS, it is about who steals less money fron you, aka how much vue for your moneyz you get.

    The answer: not Samsung and not apple.
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    Well that is the thing though, they normally view them as superior because Android does have lower tier shitty phones. Can't blame em really for thinking that since even with the "top players" in the Android arena we got people going at each other's throats for retarded shit:
    "Pffft u use Samsung? Lmfao"
    "Pixel phones? Herp derp my privacy zomg google!"
    "Loo lg?"
    "One plus mester rece herp"

    I mean shit, fragmentation hits as hard as it does with Linux. God forbid someone likes using Ubuntu because you get a bunch of reeeetards bitching about using a different version.

    With iphone you get iphone and thats it. Simple.
    I couldn't care less. I like em both equally.
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