wtf! the star trek: picard trailer made me (37m) literally cry out of sheer nostalgia.

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    Im (way) younger and just finished TNG a few month ago and i really loved it! sure it is kind of 'outdated' but i seriously enjoyed it more than i probably should. hyped for the new old picard <3
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    I know right, can't wait.
    I do hope it had a good plot and is not simply a bag of references (honestly considering that general lack of new Star Trek content I'll take that too).
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    SciFi is always a mirror of its time. TNG was produced while Gorbachev had initiated reforms, and the Berlin wall fell. The early 90s were quite positive, and thus was the SciFi. Though the Federation did have its dark corners.

    Then it turned out that the West wasn't like the Federation - instead, more like a cross-over between Ferengi and Borg.

    Even if something something like TNG were produced today, it wouldn't resonate like TNG did, it would look out of touch. Sure, still possible as Utopia, but that's a totally different way of connecting with the audience.
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    @Fast-Nop in that regard I really liked the more experimental DS9 episodes, especially Far Beyond the Stars (the Benny Russell one), Hard Time (O'Brien's virtual imprisonment), In The Pale Moonlight ("it's a faaake"), the ones about Nog dealing with AR558, the one in which Sisko "dies" and Jake tries to bring him back (forgot the names) etc. probably because they deliberately tried to break away from the usual flow of a Star Trek episode.

    DS9 in general felt like they tried to go against the usual Trek trends and I absolutely love it, my favourite Trek of them all (loved all of 'em though, even Enterprise).
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