My smartphone specifications list
1. Should come with 3.5 mm jack
2. No exploding battery please.

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    iPhone comes with an adapter, big deal.

    Are we seriously comparing an adapter to chargrilled testicles?

    Come on ppl, grow up.
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    Try Pixel. 😂😂😂
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    Just get a non Samsung phone, I've increasingly heard that Samsung is the Apple of Android.
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    {Smartphones} \ {iPhone 7; Note 7}
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    Answer: The Oneplus 3.
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    I really don't get everyone's issue with the lack of an audio jack with no lack of audio (wired and wireless) and an adapter in the box. People really love to settle themselves in a camp.
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    Huawei phones are pretty sweet.
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    Sony has been my choice of smartphone for years, and before that it was HTC. The Android world is larger than Samsung, you know.
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    Sounds like a Google Pixel would do the job then.
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    @stormwise For me it's the other way around ^^ But yeah when you say Android most people think about Samsung while there is so much more (and better imo).
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    @practiseSafeHex why compromise? I use Xperia. No explosion, manageable size and headphone jack
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    Looks like i should share my laptop specifications too, Anyone interested.
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    Why are all the apple fanboys getting mad because people point out a negative point to an apple product.

    There are many non apple products on the market that have flaws and are readily pointed out by Apple fanatics, but Apple (and lenovo on one of their smartphones too) making a decision not to include a port that has existed on phones for a numerous amount of years should be ignored and deemed engineering genius?

    Like I hate the OS wars, I have my own opinions on which OS I like, which phones I like. I don't see why people need to compare them and become a spokesperson for that particular company.

    TLDR: Just because it's Apple (or Microsoft or HTC or Samsung) doesn't mean that they can do no wrong. Stop looking at things through those rose tinted glasses and take things for what they are.
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    Ok. I can reccomend you and old android phone with android 2.2
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